Send your pre-loved designer dresses to us and start earning today. We take away all the stress and complexities of renting, and you get paid each time one of your garments rents. It’s so easy!


We accept dresses and garments of all sizes – as long as they are in new or excellent condition and are less than 18 months old. The garments must come to us dry cleaned or professionally cleaned and must be authentic. Items that do not meet these requirements will not be approved and will be sent back.

If you have the original receipt or tags, please send these to us with your garment. This will help us to determine an appropriate rental price. If you do not have these, we will research and determine a price based on the original selling price of your garment.

All garments will be reviewed and inspected by our team, prior to us listing on our site on your behalf. Approval will be based on quality of the garment, likelihood of it renting with our customer base and whether it meets our requirements set out above. We approve or disapprove consignment garments within 7 business days. Upon approval, you will be sent a consignor agreement contract. This must be signed prior to your items being listed with us.

Our consignment agreements are for 3-6 months and your clothing will be listed on our website for this period of time. If there are no rentals during this time, we have the right to return the garments to you at an earlier date. Contracts can be renewed after the initial 6 months.

As a consigner, you will earn 15% of the rental price after shipping and cleaning has been applied. For each rental, you will be sent a consignment report and a bank transfer of the funds you are owed at the beginning of each month based on the previous months bookings.

You must not list your garments anywhere else for sale or rental while consigning with Shared Wardrobe.